neljapäev, 1. oktoober 2015

Climate-KIC Accelerator: VEGGIERADAR

During September we introduced the awesome participants of the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme who made it to Stage 2 (read more about the accelerator here: ).

Finally, we have made it to our last Accelerator team - VeggieRadar. Six food enthusiasts – Allan Laal, Jekaterina Tint, Ingrid Hermet, Hans-Erik Põldoja, Raigo Lilleberg, and Jüri Andrejev – aim to provide everyone with fresh local food. Creating a platform where people can buy food from local growers and producers, they solve a problem for both sides. On the one hand, people who want to consume local food do not often have the opportunity or the necessary information. On the other hand, for local producers, it is complicated to reach a wide range of clients. VeggieRadar steps in to connect the two sides on an online platform. The result? Increasing production and consumption of local food can significantly lower the CO2 emissions from the food industry. Just as Airbnb is making life harder for hotels, VeggieRadar will soon step on the toes of grocery stores and help our planet at the same time.

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