esmaspäev, 21. september 2015

Climate-KIC Accelerator: SYMPOWER

During September we will introduce the awesome participants of the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme who made it to Stage 2 (read more about the accelerator here: ).

We are now introducing our fourth participant - Sympower. Founded by Simon Bushell and Georg Rute, this team wants to pave the way to a low-carbon, high-tech future. Their idea of a virtual power plant is twofold. Firstly, Sympower would provide a free smart system for typical family household heating and cooling devices. This system learns the household’s energy usage preferences and then optimizes it to cheaper hours, reducing the energy bills. At the same time, all these appliances will be connected to Sympower’s virtual power plant, making it easy for electricity system operators to balance the supply and demand of electricity in thousands of households. Thus, peaking hours with enormous energy demand can be evened out and the need for highly polluting “peaking” plants reduced. This helps to integrate more renewable energy production methods (such as wind and solar) into the system. Lower bills AND less CO2 – who would not want that?!

Keep an eye on Sympower because they are representing Estonia at the Climate-KIC Innovation Festival venture competition in Birmingham this October.

Here's Sympower's website:

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