neljapäev, 10. september 2015

Climate-KIC Accelerator: NOTESNOTE

During September we will introduce the awesome participants of the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme who made it to Stage 2 (read more about the accelerator here: ).

Going in alphabetical order, let’s start off with NotesNote. This start-up, founded by Ivo Suursoo, Siim Juhan Vakker and Märt Jõesaar, wants to cause some stir in the classical music world and to save our planet at the same time. These 3 entrepreneurs came up with an idea of bi-foldable music sheet readers with 2xA4 E-ink screens. Why? Because can you imagine how many music sheets professional musicians need during one year? Or what is the climate impact of producing those sheets? NotesNote knows. One professional classical musician uses approximately 1,500 sheets of paper per year – producing this amount of paper creates 500 kg CO2 and uses 900 liters of water. With NotesNote device, all this can be avoided. Game changer? Yes, indeed.

Here's their website:

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