Reede, 25. september 2015

Climate-KIC Accelerator: THE 1000 DAYS

During September we will introduce the awesome participants of the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme who made it to Stage 2 (read more about the accelerator here: ).

Our next team, The 1000 Days, consists five driven individuals: Tanel Kärp, Joonas Kerge, Toomas Trapido, Tõnu Kerge, and Kristiina Kerge. They wish to promote pro-environmental behavior of individuals and medium to large sized service sector companies. For that they have created a green lifestyle coaching application and employee engagement platform. We think that they are onto something… instead of overwhelming you with information, The 1000 Days makes going “green” into fun competitive game. Using physiological methods proven in the gaming industry, this platform is bound to change your habits. And as we all know - success is the sum of small efforts. Thus these small efforts by individuals will eventually lead to a cleaner and greener planet for us all.

Here's their website:

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