Teisipäev, 21. juuli 2015

ClimateLaunchpad 2015: Idea number 5 - PostPal

ClimateLaunchpad 2015 bootcamp Estonia took place in 26-28 June in an old fishervillage called Käsmu. Käsmu is located by the sea, so the atmosphere was quiet and inspirational for our participants.
Only the best 10 ideas got invited to bootcamp to get experience on how to develop their ideas to the next level.
In this post we will see an interview with the team called PostPal.

Veiko Proos
Klemens Arro
Harry Kanistik

1. What is your idea and how did you come up with this idea? 
PostPal is on-demand courier delivery service for online stores. Idea came to use from personal frustration with current courier delivery solutions on the market. We found a way to use technology to cut the middleman and make delivery service better for everyone.

2. How big is your team and how did you find yourselves? 
Our team consists of three co-founders and we all got together on Garage48 GreenTech hackathon event.

3. If you have to say three things, why your idea is better than the other ideas in the world then what will those things be?
First of all our service is much needed on the market. Secondly we are going after one of the biggest and fastest growing industry. And lastly we are going to give a huge environmental impact by lowering gas consumption and CO2.

4. Where are you seeing your idea in 10 years? 
In 10 years PostPal is leading last mile delivery network in the world.

5. Why are you dealing with environmental problems?
We believe that building a business on right grounds is not only good for the enviroment, but is also good for business.

6. What was the best lesson or knowledge you got from ClimateLaunchpad bootcamp? 
Best lesson was about talking to potential customers.

7. What is your founders dream?
Our founders dream is to disrupt billion dollar delivery industry, expend to 10 cities in Europe by 2017 and reach valuation of 100 million by 2018.