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ClimateLaunchpad 2015: Idea number 3 - TravelLight

ClimateLaunchpad 2015 Estonia took place in 26-28 june, in an old fishervillage called Käsmu. Käsmu is located beside the sea, so the atmosphere was quiet and inspirational for our participants.
Only the best 10 ideas got invited to ClimateLaunchpad to get experiance on how to develop their ideas to the next level.
In this post we will see an interview with the team called TravelLight.

Verner Mägi

1. What is your idea and how did you come up with this idea?
My idea is TravelLight which is a rental service for clothes and travel gear. It's really hard to say how I came up with it but my studies are related to recycling and I am really interested in reducing textile waste. Clothes are seen as personal obejct but I would like to argue with that as fast fashion has made clothes just a random object. So why not rent them because when you go to holiday you mostly buy something stupid that you will wear only once anyways. Also airplanes will be lighter and don't pollute the environment that much.

2. How big is your team and how did you find yourselves?
My team is small. It is mostly me but I have asked a friend of mine to help me out.

3.If you have to say three things, why your idea is better than the other ideas in the world then what will those things be?
1) It will save so much airplain fuel that you could not imagine.
2) Traveling the world with your backpack will reach new hights.
3) Reduction of textile waste is needed in this world and now.

4.Where are you seeing your idea in 10 years?
 In ten years I would like to have rental stations in 20 airports and the reduction of textile waste at its highest.

 5.Why are you dealing with environmental problems
I love the nature and there is only one planet that we can live on. It needs saving and textile industry is the 4th largest polluter in the world.

6.What was the best lesson or knowledge you got from ClimateLaunchpad? 
How to zoom in and how to get things rolling.

7.What is your founders dream?
My dream is to make the planet cleaner and a better place to live by reducing textile waste.

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