Kolmapäev, 22. aprill 2015

‘Eighty percent of success is showing up.’ (Woody Allen)

The Going Global Sales & Marketing program has officially started.

As some of you already might have heard, Startup Estonia launched a Sales & Marketing program for 20 Estonian startups in collaboration with VentureScout. The first module of the program was held last weekend at Garage48 and it’s safe to say that everybody learned a lot.

Here is a short introduction of our speakers from the first module:

Mark Taylor is a professional sales executive with a successful career in sales of corporate IT solutions and services based on a deep desire to deliver business value through effective use of IT.. Mark is helping companies across the UK selling at a higher level as an Associate Partner at Durhamlane

Fil Guijarro has strong expertise in the multi-national expansion of digital products & services and has headed the internationalization and business development of various European Internet startups. Fil specializes in market entry and localization, prospection of local partners and clients, sales process implementation and management.

Nick Duddy is an online marketing and app store guru and has started several companies in his career. He is the founder of startups like Miratrix, Appchat and SEOProSco.

So what do you have to do to be successful in sales? Here are a few pointers:

·      Understand the customer’s problem so that you can demonstrate the value of that your product can provide the customer with
·      Be a rabbit, not a hippo – unlike hippos, rabbits have really big ears so they can hear really well. Listen to your customer
·      To be interesting, be interested. (Dale Carnegie)

If you couldn’t be there, don’t worry – we have uploaded videos and slides of the program just for you! 


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