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Founder Institute: Week 8 – Product development

“When we create stuff, we do it because we listen to the customer, get their inputs and also throw in what we’d like to see, too. We cook up new products.  You never really know if people will love them as much as you do.” – Steve Jobs

Our topics this week
·         How do you plan to build a product or offering from the beginning?
·         What are techniques to build a product roadmap?
·         How do you specify what to build?
·         How do you organize resources to build a product?
·         What are strategies to estimate time and costs?
·         What do you track to measure success?
·         How often do you need to see milestones achieved?
·         What are common mistakes when building product?
·         How do you keep product progress ongoing when you have many competing priorities?

Founder Institute mentors on Week 8
            Kristjan Lepik, previously Head of Brokerage unit of Lõhmus Haavel & Viisemann, TI EfTEN Head of Asset management, currently owner of and head of Smart Specialisation at the Estonian Development Fund.
·         Gary Planthaber has over 15 years experience with in the analysis, scoping, estimation, design, management and implementation of high-availability, enterprise-class business technology solutions. Furthermore, he has experience in enterprise software sales and intellectual property law. Gary has lent his expertise to Accenture and Pfizer, architecting and implementing various technical aspects of the Pfizer/Wyeth merger, an acquisition which led Pfizer to become the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Gary was also the CTO of Arigo, an industry-leading provider of enterprise software solutions to major multi-national retailers.
·         Liisa Toompuu is the onboarding manager at Toggl. Over the past 3 years she worked on building up Toggl’s customer support. Now she focuses mainly on product enhancements for new users. She does this through A/B testing different variations of new users' experiences. Her everyday work includes coming up with the experiments, analyzing the data, and making conclusions. Based on those, she makes suggestions on how to improve Toggl so that it can best serve its customers in the long run.

Meet the smile curve!
‘Smiling Curve’ is an illustration of value-adding potentials of different components of the value chain in an IT-related manufacturing industry.

Reading suggestions from our mentor Liisa Toompuu

·         Samuel Hulick   
·         Onboarding academy by Appcues
·         Mixpanel
·         KISSmetrics
·         How to get quality customer feedback:
·         Good user interface suggestions:

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