Reede, 5. detsember 2014

Founder Institute: Week 3 – Revenue Model

Sometimes companies and their founders get confused, thinking that their goal is revenue, stock price or some other financial metric. In reality, you have to focus on the things that lead to those.

How do you build a revenue model?

Do you have answers for these questions? Here is what we tried to learn this week:

How do you build a revenue model for your idea? 
What are viable revenue models to pursue? 
How do you identify ideal customers for a revenue model? 
What are some common problems with popular revenue models?
Are there tips or tricks with different revenue models? 
How do you determine revenue drivers in your model? 
What do you need to know to finish a model? 
How do you choose between multiple revenue models and multiple ideas?

This week’s mentors

Sven Illing is is a business developer, adviser and investor through iCapital and startup accelerators GameFounders and Buildit. Henrik Aavik is an e-commerce, internet marketing and business development professional, host of a weekly radio show about ICT start-ups.

So, what kind of revenue types are there:

Recurring revenue
Transactional revenue 
Project revenue 
Services revenue
Pay-what-you-want (PWYW)
Tip jar/donation
Freemium (Premium) model 
Open source model
Subscription model
Pay-per-use model
Add-ons/In-app purchases
License fees 
Single purchase model 
Pay-as-you-go model (PAYG)
Advertisement (Ad-based) model 
Affiliate/Referral fee 
Franchise model
Commission-based model
Auction model

Help our founders by filling in an online survey to give them feedback  about their businesses idea.
Karri: ( english)

Olga: (estonian) ( russian) ( english)

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